Rent a river boat


Spacious and comfortable boat                          

On Bord de Vilaine , everything is done to make you feel good. Spaces are at home , rooms with real double beds, electric heating dock and heating gas navigation , hot water and the pleasure of a real good shower, you also have a beautiful terrace the front of the Houseboat and storage for bikes in the back.

Equipment on board

On board you will find all crockery and kitchen equipment for meals in the large square or on the terrace , surrounded by nature or in port . You will always have at your disposal a gas stove, refrigerator, two sinks and pots, pans, and an assortment of dishes sufficient for 8 people ..
You have water pressure and hot at home , you also have real toilet.

A unique experience

Your stay on Family , you move at your own pace , stops are spaced about an hour browsing. You can stop wherever you want on the banks of the canal and you will be proud to have as much freedom as safely .

Driving is easy

Driving Bord de Vilaine is a simple and practical initiation. Someone will give you all the necessary instructions and equipment operation , the motor and the position of  » command. » To familiarize yourself with your boat. We advise you to stay the first night at the dock Redon allowing you to « take your marks  » to your new life in good condition .
The next morning, you and your crew will leave with peace of mind for your cruise . You will master on board and you can discuss with serenity all aspects of pilotage maneuvers , stops, through the locks .

The locks

Through the locks is a special time of your cruise. You can chat with the lock or lock keepers sometimes buy local products , meet with other boaters who share interests or simply enjoy this stop for the local atmosphere and landscape. Maneuvers require that the crew is composed of at least two agile people.

Captain Memo

Be assured that we strive to make your stay successful. It is with this objective that we have established the Captain Memo . He will answer all the questions you can ask yourself about your trip. You will find not only essential information but also some tips and suggestions to facilitate your stay .


Bicycle Rental

Bike , ideal for your adventure. You can bring your bikes or we rent bikes, which fit easily in the back of the boat,

allowing you to discover the surroundings and especially to go shopping to buy local products . Channels and

rivers are often arranged towpaths you will be even closer to nature.

Do not hesitate to take the back roads to visit a village , a historical site or a gourmet stopover .

Cleaning fee

The day of return , you must make own boat, cleaned inside and outside . If however you do not want to deal with you , we suggest you choose the cleaning fee . This is the base personnel who will then take care of the cleaning. If the boat is very dirty, we charge time cleaning 40 euros per hour and the deposit will be returned with a delay of 3 days. rent a river boat

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