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Holiday on Boat

We rent sailboats equipped for family cruises, also for the

regatta, the skipper will be responsible for the crew and decide

if the weather is favourable for a fishing trip, if the shipping forecast

is greater than 6 beaufort, it will be better to navigate the Vilaine.

Everything for a very nice holiday ….

Map of Brittany, cruse on boat with the Familly

Map of Brittany, cruse on boat with the Familly

Rental Dewenëti

A sailboat 10 m long, made from langevin steel, it is well equipped

for the coast, It is rented without a skipper for cruises along the coast

and the Bay of Hoedic. It is comfortable with a double cabin

and 3 bunks. Everything for a very enjoyable holiday ….


 Image 4

Rental Bord de Vilaine

Houseboat, motor boat for rivers, very comfortable

and equipped like a house( 8 pers), ideal for nature

holiday’s while being master its destination, there are

several possible routes

Rental Apataki

Rent a sailboat 9m30, a Arperge, equipped for the coast, Cruise without

a skipper on the Vilaine between Redon and Arzal. known navigation and

calm waters, you can drop anchor where you like, maybe on a nearby lake,

very good for children to learn to sailing … 

Also navigation in the bay of Quiberon, Houedic, Houat, I will give you a

card so you do not have to pay any charges at Sagemor.

(2 nights free berth at the pontoon)




It sails only on Rivers and rivers of Britain, its port 

attachment is at the crossroads of Redon canal from Nantes to Brest and 

Vilaine. For a weekend, a week or more, we offer 

several circuits.Vous can organize your cruise:


your Stops

Your stops are in established ports with water, electricity and

sanitation, like Piriac Houedic, Houat, Port Haliguen, Trinity sea,

Arzon, The crusty.Le Crouesty,Quiberon

The Gulf of Morbihan is uniquely a mooring built on dead bodies.

you also have the option, depending on the weather to moor on

all the islands, Dumet,  Houedic, Houat. Prepare your cruise…